So Excited And Satisfied By The Food Offered!

Bindu Madan Prakash

We heard about Anjappar through our friend, and were we glad!!!

I am 5 months pregnant and my craving for nice spicy authentic South Indian food was so high. Being a foodie and having lived in Bangalore and visited Chennai, I was never satisfied by the food offered in other Indian Restaurant in NJ.

Anjappar has been like a breath of fresh air! My husband and I were so excited and satisfied by the food offered!. we felt as if we were in Anjappar in T nagar in Chennai! Appam and coconut milk is to die for!. Mutton Biryani couldn’t have been better! All the dishes were very authentic and fresh! The service was great!!! Truly a great dining experience. Waiting for my next visit 🙂

The Whole Family Could Enjoy It.

K Family

We had been eagerly waiting for the opening of Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant in New Jersey. It gives us all another South Indian flavour amidst all the restaurants. New Jersey has a lot of Indian restaurants with different regional cuisine coming into play each one vying to capture the taste buds.

So, we were very much excited to visit the restaurant. The parottas – plain and the kotthu parottas (mutton and chicken) was very very good. The whole family could enjoy it. The Chettinadu Pepper Chicken lived up to its name. The Mutton Sukka Masala turned out to be an excellent choice – not too dry with a bit of gravy. We were not sure about the spice level when we ordered it. It turned out to with a good amount of chillies cooked in it – because of the “2” chillies rating it hot and spicy. Of course the parottas were hands-down favourites.

We did not get a chance to taste the other options in the menu like the Poondu Kuzhambhu or any of the Biriyanis or the Thalis. But that would be for the other times to come.

This is the beginning, hopefully you will be able to maintain the taste and flavour of the food. There is room for improvement on the seating of the people and the table management part. The waiting section needs someone there to timely manage the people coming in and also try to manage the expectations. That is the other most salient feature along with the food.

Congratulations, Good Luck!

Worth The Wait... Thanks For Opening Anjappar Restaurant in New Jersey.

Sam & Friends

When we came to know that Anjappar restaurant opens in New Jersey, the temptation was to go on the first day itself. We decided to wait till they settle down since all the restaurants go through turbulence in the first week.

We went for dinner on Mar 04th Tuesday to Anjappar. Even though it was Tuesday still they were busy. That’s the sign of a good restaurant. Anjappar New Jersey passed the first test.

We anticipated the queue knowing the popularity of chettinad food particularly by Anjappar. We were sure that Anjappar New Jersey will not be an exception.

Since we knew already what we want to order (Anjappar menu is available on their website, the ordering process was quick. The waiter was impressed.

The food started coming to the table in about 20 minutes. That was really quick considering the food was freshly cooked. My friend commented that even his wife or mother will not be able to cook chicken curry in 20 minutes. (I thought of censoring this one!!!)

The food taste is authentic like in any other Anjappar Restaurant in India and spiced correctly to suit every desi. Anjappar New Jersey did the right thing about the spices to appeal every one. The quantity of each item was just about right allowing us to have 3 courses dinner.

The server was not quite sure to give us the bill or not since we were really enjoying the time and it was about closing time. We realized the time and signaled to give us the bill.

We were four of us and it worked out to be less than $20 per head for 3 courses dinner. That was really with in the budget for such as tasty authentic food. Anjappar New Jersey’s prices are affordable and reasonable.

The service was very decent. The servers were polite and smiling even though the tiredness of running a marathon is on their face (after all they are human too). They looked a bit of shy of talking to the customers (May be they don’t want to interrupt the customers enjoying their food).

We thought of saying a Hi to the owner and requested the server whether we could meet him. Two gentlemen came out of the kitchen and introduced them. I could not resist asking whether they work in IT. They smiled and said yes.

One of them used to work as a Senior UNIX Administrator. I asked him why he chose to work in the hot kitchen (and late nights) instead of earning the hour in IT work (at least $75 an hour). The reply was quite interesting that this is his passion and he himself is a food lover. We were really pleased. Anjappar New Jersey is in safe hands.

They were very keen to get our feedback even though they were tired. They were frank and admitted that they were not quite happy how they handled the first week. They also mentioned that the website will have a feedback form as well shortly if we don’t feel like telling them the shortcomings on their face. They requested us to provide the contact as well so that they could contact us to rectify any shortcomings which made sense.

Best wishes to Anjappar New Jersey. Great Attitude.

We will be definitely back to Anjappar again and it was worth the wait.

It will be great if you guys can get the liquor license also for Anjappar New Jersey. I am sure every one will be looking forward to more Anjappars in New Jersey.