About Us

Established in Chennai, India in the year 1964, Anjappar is the pioneer in bringing the food of the famed Chettiars to the people around the world. Over the years, they mastered the art of using spice to give one’s taste buds the best food experience.

With more than 45 years of experience and 30 outlets to date, Anjappar is spreading its wings to give customers a homely dining experience. The freshness of its products and the use of secret home ground recipes bring the food lovers in search of those unique dishes that can be found only at Anjappar.

Anjappar’s humble beginnings started in Chennai more than 45 years ago offering the South Indians some typical Chettinad food. As time passed, Anjappar became synonyms for Chettinad Cuisine. The Peoples demand has led us to take this experience overseas. Anjappar has been accommodating the changes of time by increasing their standards to cater the ever-growing necessities of today’s taste hunters. And now Anjappar Restaurants have preserved the culinary traditions and served as one of the most outstanding Ambassadors of Chettinad Cuisine.

Twin Oaks USA LLC is proud to present the legendary Chettinad Cuisine of Nattukottai Chettiars at the Anjappar Chettinad Cuisine in North Brunswick, NJ. Chettinad, a region in South India, is situated in Tamil Nadu state located 20 miles to the west of the coastal line of Bay of Bengal. Historical records show that the people of Chettinad were persuaded and encouraged by the King of 13th century Pandyan dynasty to settle down in a region which later became known as Chettinad.

The Chettinad cuisine is reflective of the lifestyle of the Nattukottai Chettiars. This cuisine specializes in non-vegetarian food with richly ground spices topped with a boiled egg, an essential part of every dish. Chettinad cuisine also offers sun dried and salted vegetables, which use every seed, fruit and legume that can be conceived of. The basic dishes are essentially South Indian such as dosais, parotas and idiappams.

Chefs imported from Karaikudi, one of the towns in Chettinad, do not rely on readymade ingredients for their curries. Instead, they grind and blend the ingredients everyday, thus bringing out delicious flavor and exceptional taste.

Chettinad cuisine consists a variety of unique dishes, including about 7 different types of dosais, Indian breads and the famous biriyanis.